Best football odds for Euro 2024 China New Material Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024China New Material Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Established in 1953,It is affiliated to China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Management。

It is engaged in building materials project、Construction Engineering、Technology research and development of environmental protection engineering、Equipment manufacturing、Environmental evaluation、Engineering design、Engineering management、Comprehensive A -level design and research unit for project agencies,is the sustainable building materials project、Construction Engineering、Industrial Chain Resource Integration Service Provider of Environmental Protection Engineering,and are upgrading and transforming to comprehensive large -scale international engineering companies。

5 among the staff of the State Council's special allowance experts,1 master of national survey and design masters、Professor -level senior engineer 32 people、More than 150 professional titles above the high height,own national survey design、Consultation (investment) division、Supervision、Construction、cost、Environmental impact evaluation、Environmental protection、Safety、More than 150 people registered engineers such as equipment supervision。

China New Material Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.,In the new type of building materials、Glass、Ceramic、Cement and other fields have been completed and put into production and put into production in more than 400 large and medium -sized projects,Completed more than 200 items of scientific and technological research projects issued by the state and other research and development projects。Get 27 items for national rewards,119 provincial and ministerial rewards; 27 items of patents,Among them, 6 items of invention patents。 It has been rated as the "AAA Class Heavy Contract Key Credit" unit in Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce for many years,and was by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government awarded the title of "Provincial Civilized Unit",2018 again won the title of "Zhejiang High -tech Enterprise"。

Best football odds for Euro 2024 National Building Materials Network

National Building Materials Network:

It is under the management of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd.

Full category Building Materials B2B Comprehensive Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballService Platform,Builded inspection and authentication、Quality Supervision、Asset support、Product promotion four business segments。The two cores of the core:

Inspection and certification:

Relying on the Group's 16 national centers、23 industry -level quality inspection centers,

Provide building materials test、Engineering detection、Environmental testing、Energy -saving detection,and green building materials、Green Building、Green Factory and other complete authentication system services。

Asset support:

The linkage of 38 billion facilities in the linkage service system、35 billion insured letter credit quota,

For local commercial banks、Securities、Trust、Urban Investment Agency、Developer、Building dealer、Building materials dealers provide comprehensive and multi -variety asset support services。

linkage service system

Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballLinkage Service System

To promote the green development of China's real estate construction industry and industry:

China New Materials Design Research Institute of China Building Materials Group、National Building Materials Network,Combined with the top resources of various industries in many green industries,Create a number of central state -owned enterprises: "I green industry+G government and urban investment+F finance and capital+EPC green construction engineering bag+BM green new building materials+SCF supply chain finance+EM environmental treatment+QC testCertification "linkage service system, solidly advance"Green Industry+Green Building"

Production space through scientific layout、Ecological Space、Living space,Help local governments、Real Estate Enterprise、Construction Enterprise、Industrial manufacturing enterprises will realize the maintenance of ecological health as the new economic growth point,"Green Nuggets" for realizing industrial green and green industries,Finally realized the green development of the real estate construction industry and industry。

Best football odds for Euro 2024

Core system

Core Capabilities

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    Core advantage

    Many central state -owned enterprises led "i green industry+G government and urban investment+F finance and capital+EPC green construction engineering bag+BM green new building materials+SCF supply chain finance+EM environmental protection governance+QC inspection certification certification" Linking service system,The following is referred to as: "IGFEBSEQ" linkage service system。

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    Core Technology

    "BIM Architectural Information Model+GIS Geographical Information System" data fusion technology formed by the "CIM Regional Urban Information Model" system solution。

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    Core target

    All construction projects,According to the nature of the project,Through the "Green Building" of the China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group、"Green Building Materials"、"Green Factory" and other complete authentication system review,Make sure the project realizes "green development"。

Cooperation mode

Cooperation Mode

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    Green Demonstration Park

    Assist in financing and introduce the industry.

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    Green Demonstration Factory

    Environmental transformation, production capacity upgrade.

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    Green Demonstration Building

    Create landmarks and raise premiums.

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    Green Demonstration New City

    The pattern is improved and the industrial upgrade.

Through the "IGFEBSEQ" linkage service system,Provide financing for local governments、Investment、Construction、Management and other full -chain services。

Under the circumstances where the local government's financial power does not match,Joint local city investment integration project,Optimize the plan for the overall plan of the green industrial park project on the source,Effectively solve the financing problem in the project construction process (may not form local government debt),Give full play to the financing of central enterprises、Advantages of project management and technological innovation。

In the planning and design of the green park,Promote the development of low -carbon cycle,Construction of clean low carbon、Safe and efficient modern energy system,Implementation of demonstration projects in the nearly zero carbon emissions area。 Comprehensive saving and efficient utilization resources,Establish an outlook on the resource concept of intensive cyclic use,Establish and improve the right to use energy、Water right、Equipment Rights、The initial distribution system of carbon emission rights,To achieve project construction goals,Create a regional industrial upgrade demonstration area,The iconic attraction of becoming industrial tourism,Comprehensive development of the economy where the park is located。

Environmental transformation, production capacity upgrade.

According to the "Green Factory Evaluation Rules" GB/T 36132-2018 and "Current 76 Evaluation Object Requirements",China New Materials Design Research Institute,Launched a green factory、Green Products、Green Park、Green manufacturing system construction in the four aspects of green supply chain。

By accelerating the greening of production methods,High scientific and technological content、Low resource consumption、Industrial structure and production method with less environmental pollution,Help industrial enterprises to improve the management level of green manufacturing、Realize green sustainable development、Improve the market competitiveness of green demonstration enterprises,Help enterprise support and encourage policies of the country's support and encouragement for green manufacturing demonstration enterprises,benefit the company。

Create landmarks and raise premiums.

According to the "Green Building Evaluation Standard" GB/T50378-2019,China New Materials Design Research Institute,Pursuing ultra -low energy consumption、The basic construction principle of ultra -low emissions or even zero energy consumption,Use sustainable green building Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballtechnology method,Renewable energy、New Energy、New Material,New technology is a medium,Using a design technology system with a certain economy and promoted in the same climate zone,Use the combination of architectural technology and art,Create a local climate characteristics、What meets the requirements of contemporary people and aesthetic consciousness,High -quality sustainable green architectural art works。

Create renewable energy、New Energy、New materials and applicable technologies in the actual use process,Real -time energy consumption monitoring station and technology database,Sending experience results to relevant government departments and social scientific research institutions。

The pattern is improved and the industrial upgrade.

Through the "IGFEBSEQ" linkage service system,With "green development" as the core concept,Old facilities for the city、Property、Old factory buildings、A idle land and other re -positioning,Investment upgrade and transformation with the principle of "green industry+green building" as the principle。

Through the digital economy、Technology、Industry、Capital、Ecology、Education、Land and other elements superimposed,Use the "BIM building information model、GIS geographical information system、CIM Regional Urban Information Model "and other core technology systems,Construct a scientific and reasonable urbanization pattern、Agricultural Development Flag、Ecological security pattern、Natural shoreline pattern,Reconstruction of the local industry ecology、Create regional growth pole,Promote local leading industrial transformation and upgrading and capacity reconstruction,Reads the city's function and then use it,Create the value of upgrading the city industry,Drive the local sustainable development。

Policy documents

Policy Document

In China,The real estate construction industry and industry become "large energy consumption households"。To solve the green development of the two major industries:

Real estate construction industry: At present, nearly 30 countries or regions in the world have launched energy -saving buildings、Design standards for green buildings and sustainable buildings,Although the definition of green buildings in various countries is different,But they are all the concepts of energy conservation and environmental protection throughout the whole life cycle of the building,Proposal is providing health、Energy conservation for applicable and efficient use of space、Reduce emissions,Provides higher environmental quality under lower environmental load,Promote the relevant characteristics of environmental protection in technology and form,Informatization reasonably、Automation、New energy and new materials。

Industry aspect: "Notice Best football odds for Euro 2024of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Construction of the Green Manufacturing System",Put forward preferred in steel、Nonferrous metal、Chemical industry、Building materials、Mechanical、Car、Light Gong、Food、Textile、Medicine、Electronic information and other key industries to select a batch of work foundations、Representative companies carry out green factories creation,Requirements on the scope of the selected specific industry。 "Made in China 2025" clearly proposed,"Build a green factory,Realize the intensiveization of the plant、Harmicization of raw materials、Production cleaning、Waste Resources、Energy Low Carbonization ",By 2020,Established 1,000 green demonstration factories nationwide。

"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Green Building Development"

"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Green Building Development" Jianke [2017] No. 53

File requirements:

By 2020,The level of energy efficiency of new buildings in urban and towns increased by 20%compared with 2015,Energy -saving standards in key parts such as some areas and building doors and windows meet or approach the advanced level of the international stage。The proportion of green building area in new buildings in cities and towns exceeds 50%,Green Building Materials Application is more than 40%。The core elements of the file are as follows:

1.From encouraging implementation to regulatory constraints,Raise restraint intensity。Pointing in the file,During the 13th Five -Year Plan,It will be combined with the construction method、Revision of Energy Law,System that proves practical proof of practice、The measures rose to a legal system。Starting the Regulations Amendment,Promote the development of relevant legislative work of green building。

2.Standard system construction is further improved.Depending on the development of energy conservation and green buildings,Revised related designs in time、Construction、Acceptance、Test、Evaluation、Reconstruction and other engineering construction standards。Actively adapt to the requirements of the standardization reform of the project,Prepare the full -text compulsory standard of building energy conservation,Optimize and perfect recommendation standards,Forms a standard system for building energy conservation and green building in the new period。

3.Improve the policy guarantee mechanism, and improve policy support.File points out,"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period,It will be studied and established in power.、Hierarchical financial capital incentive policy system。All localities should be adapted to local conditions to innovate fiscal funds,Eap the use of funds,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social funds to participate。

4.Strengthen the target Best football odds for Euro 2024responsibility assessment.Organize annual inspection and mid -term evaluation of planning and implementation progress,An results were announced to the society in an appropriate way,and the completion of the planning target as a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of national energy conservation and emission reduction、Important content of the assessment and evaluation of air pollution prevention plan,Integrated into the government's comprehensive assessment and performance evaluation system。Not implementing the target responsibility、Areas where the implementation progress is backward,Report criticism,Completion of excess、A region that completed the goal in advance to praise and reward。

"Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Construction of the Green Manufacturing System"

"Notice Best football odds for Euro 2024of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Construction of the Green Manufacturing System"The Hospital of Industry and Information Technology [2016] No. 586

File requirements:

Comprehensively coordinating the construction of the green manufacturing system,By 2020,The green manufacturing system is initially established,Green manufacturing related standard system and evaluation system basically completed,Establish a green park、Green supply chain standard,Published a green manufacturing third -party evaluation implementation rules。Including the green manufacturing system construction project in the existing fiscal fund support focus。The main support areas are the following four items:

1.Green Factory.Green Factory is the production unit of the manufacturing industry,It is the main body of green manufacturing,The core support unit of the green manufacturing system,Focus on the greening of the production process。Accelerate the creation of land intensiveization、Production cleaning、Waste Resources、Green factory with the characteristics of low carbonization of energy。

2.Green products.Actively carry out the pilot of green design demonstration,According to the concept of the full life cycle,In the product design and development stage, the system considers the selection of raw materials、Production、Sales、Use、Recycling、The impact of various links such as treatment on the resources and environment,To minimize the consumption of product energy resources、Ecological environment impact minimization、Maximum renewable rate。

3.Green Park.Promote the greening of the park,Plan in the park、Space layout、Industrial Chain Design、Energy Use、Resource Utilization、Infrastructure、Ecological Environment、Operating management and other aspects to implement the concept of resource conservation and environmental friendly,to achieve layout agglomeration、Structure green、Links such as green parks such as ecologicalization。

4.Green supply chain.Create a green supply Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballchain,Enterprises must establish resource saving、Environmental friendly -oriented purchase、Production、Marketing、Recycling and logistics system,Promote upstream and downstream companies to jointly improve the efficiency of resource utilization,Improve environmental performance,Real efficiency of resource utilization、Minimum environmental impact,The green target of the company on the chain。

The current green development has risen to the national strategy,Not only requires finance and tax、Related legal supporting,More corresponding industrial structure adjustment and the help of green finance。

On the one hand, the economy must be green,Basic prerequisite for protecting the environment and ecological health,Promote the greening of the industry;

On the one hand, green needs economy,Get economic benefits from environmental protection activities。Use green finance to help,Realize green industrialization,Let the green become the driver of the value chain。

Green development is an inevitable trend,Government and enterprises shall be deployed in advance in green technology,Wait until the market really needs to force the supply,It will be too late。