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CTC introduction China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group

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Business acceptance Inspection and certification service

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China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "National Inspection Group",English abbreviation "CTC") is a large scale in the field of domestic building materials and construction engineering,Comprehensive、Third -party inspection and certification service agency。Group has inspection and testing、Certification、 Safety production technical service、R & D and sales of instrument equipment and standard substances (including standard samples)、Five business platforms extending service。China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Headquarters in Beijing,In North China、South China、East China、Northwest、Southwest and other areas have 24 branches,With 6 national centers and 16 industry -grade centers。

China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Beijing Tianyu Co., Ltd. is a wholly -owned subsidiary of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd.,North China (Beijing) Headquarters Base,Established in 2012,Best football odds for Euro 2024Base is located in the sub -center of Beijing City -Zhangjiawan Industrial Development Zone, Tongzhou,Total area: 32000㎡,Provide technical development; technical services; technical promotion; technical consultation; technical testing; technical transfer; engineering and technical research; environmental testing; authentication service; energy conservation and emission reduction; low -carbon energy efficiency; business training and other services。

​​Future,We will be committed to building and developing into a northern China,Testing of building materials、Construction Engineering Quality Testing and Appraisal、Municipal Engineering Urban Road Engineering Test、Certification、R & D、Technical consulting and training、Safety production、A cross -domain、Multi -disciplinary、Comprehensive third -party inspection and certification service agency。

Industry Center

Authorized by the China Building Materials Federation,The National Certification Certification Supervision and Administration Commission's qualifications "National Building Materials Industrial Building Materials Energy -saving Evaluation and Inspection Center"、"National Architecture Materials Industry Radio and Harm Material Supervision and Testing Center"。

Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024● Detection service

Building engineering testing and appraisal

House structure safety test and appraisal、House structure resistance detection and identification、Evaluation of construction quality of construction engineering、On -site detection、Special detection of steel structure engineering、Existing the safety test and identification Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballof the curtain wall、Both curtain wall self -explosion and fall risk test and identification、Bridge and large public construction real -time health monitoring、Foundation detection and evaluation、Vibration detection、Lightning protection detection、Construction Engineering Quality Judicial Appraisal, etc.。

Urban road engineering detection in municipal engineering

asphalt mixture、Cement or lime dose、Inorganic binding material stable material、Flatness of the road surface、Road thickness, etc.。

Engineering materials and component detection

steel bar、Cement、Waterproof material、Steel pipe、buckle、steel wire rope、Steel twisted、anchor、High -intensity bolt、Carbon Steel Welding Strip、Stainless Steel Strip、Low -in -alloy Steel Strip、gas protection welding wire、Carbon steel core welding wire、Low alloy steel core welding wires and other welding materials、outer window, etc.。

Chemical analysis and environmental detection

radioactive nucleolin detection of building materials products、Environmental radioactivity level evaluation、Decoration and decoration materials environmental protection and safety evaluation、Type detection of the concentration in the soil、Air quality testing of the environment of engineering indoor environment、Testing harmful substances in commodity inspection products、Environmental sample detection、Development and promotion of isotopic instruments、Government Quality Supervision and Smamon、Testing technical service of judicial appraisal agency。

Building energy -saving detection

Energy -saving insulation material detection: polystyrene foam plastic board、adhesive、Europe sports betting appNoodles anti -cracking mortar、Galvanized welding network、Alkali -resistant glass fiber grid cloth、wire and cable、radiator, etc.;

System energy -saving test: indoor temperature、illuminance and lighting power density、The hydration rate of the heating system, etc.;

Building energy -saving on -site detection: Exterior wall energy -saving structural diamond core test; building enclosure structure heat transfer coefficient and heat work defect; outer windows、Water -density on -site physical testing; building energy efficiency evaluation; insulation board and anchoring parts pull detection; outer wall decorative tiles to pull test。

Fire product detection

Various types of fire extinguishers、Firewater Gun、Firewater Belt、Fire interface、Fire hydrant and box、Fire -fighting electronic products, etc.。

major items

Expansion project of the Capital Airport Terminal Expansion Project concrete strength and quality testing;

Beijing South Railway Station concrete density detection;

US Embassy's steel welding seam non -destructive detection;

Beijing old residential residential earthquake resistance comprehensive renovation detection;

CCTV's new site main building steel structure welding seam non -destructive detection;

Testing of Huaxin Cement Plant (National Cultural Security Building), Huangshi City, Hubei Province;

Insulation testing of the rectification project of the old community in Changping District;

Yangfang's military parade base road engineering test;

Mentougou New Town Mixed Land of Land of Land Cycling;

Energy -saving testing of indoor environmental detection system at the Central University of Finance and Economics;

Europe sports betting appBeijing Changping large -scale tourism commercial complex witness testing;

The indoor environment and system energy -saving detection of PetroChina Research Building;

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has issued ceramic brick radioactive supervision and random inspections;

CCTV's new platform construction engineering radioactivity and decoration material safety and environmental protection testing;

2014APEC Beijing Summit Yanqi Lake Convention Center Decoration and Decoration Material Detection;

Beijing Metro Railway Traffic No. 10 No. 7 No. 8 Decoration Material Safety and Environmental Protection;

Thailand Embassy in China Steel Decoration and Decoration Materials Test ...

● Certification service

Product certification: voluntary product certification、Mandatory product certification、Low -carbon product certification

System certification: Quality Management System、Environmental Management System、Professional Health and Safety Management System、Energy Management System

major items

Qingzhou Zhonglian Cement Co., Ltd. Quality Management System、Environmental Management System、Three major management system certification of the occupational health and safety management system;

Guangdong Hongtao Ceramics Co., Ltd. CCC Compulsory Product Certification;

China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Energy Management System Certification ...

● Third -party technical services: energy saving and emission reduction, low -carbon energy efficiency

Energy -saving review and energy saving effect evaluation、Energy Audit、Energy -saving and low -carbon development plan、Fixed asset investment Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024can be evaluated、Certification and technical services of the energy management system、Clean production audit consultation、Carbon emissions verification、Evaluation and Technical Services of Carbon Emissions Management System、Product carbon footprint consultation and evaluation、International voluntary emission reduction project (VCS) and gold standard project (GS) review and verification、China Volunteer Even Disappearing Project (CCER) review and verification、Cleaning Development Mechanism Project (CDM) review and verification、Carbon asset management and consulting service、Low -carbon topic and low -carbon -related standards、Industry energy conservation and emission reduction related countries and industry standards。

major items

Beijing Dafa Zhengda Co., Ltd. Clean Production Audit;

CITIC New City heating system energy -saving reconstruction project Energy -saving review and energy saving effect assessment;

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology/The World Bank/Global Environment Fund cooperation with China Industrial Enterprise Energy Efficiency Promotion Project Energy Diagnosis and Energy Management System Demonstration Project;

China Building Materials Group's first concrete enterprise "Energy Saving Energy -Saving and Reduction Star" selection of cement enterprises' energy efficiency testing and evaluation ...

● Business training service

Certification: Quality/Environment/Safety/Energy Management System New Edition Internal Council Training、CCC Inspector/Internal Examinee Training、New Standard Training in the Industry、Inspector training; energy and low -carbon: greenhouse gas review and verification、Methodology、Europe sports betting appChecking technology、Energy -saving technology training、Energy performance evaluation and comprehensive evaluation training。

major items

Southern Cement Co., Ltd. Quality/Environment/Safety Management System Internal Internal Enterprise Training;

Training of Energy Management System at Friendship Hotel;

Xu Nitrate Automotive Glass (China) Co., Ltd. Product Certification Internal Councilor Training;

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. Product certification internal trial training ...

We will always adhere to "Science、Justice、Accurate professional attitude,"Benefits and seeking excellence,Zhizhen Services "business management concept,Provide you with high -quality services。