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Feb 25, 2022 10:16:03 AM Source: Jinyang.com

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Luyao,Correspondent Chen Wenxing、Ren Huizhao Report: 4:50 am on February 23,With the sound of the whistle sound,The first ship "Fo Airlines 868", which is full of construction materials for the construction of the Hong Kong cabin 2024 European Cup official betting websitehospital, left the dock after completing the inspection in Huangpu, Zhongshan, Guangdong,Drive to Hong Kong。

Recent,Best football odds for Euro 2024The situation of the new crown epidemic in Hong Kong is severe,Central Emergency Starting Aid Construction of Hong Kong Card Hospital Construction Project。February 22,Central aid construction of temporary community isolation treatment facilities (squares) in Hong Kong in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong、Former Shinada Shopping City、Construction of the Yuantan Tail and the Flood Bridge,After 2024 European Cup official betting websiteall put it into use, it is expected to provide Hong Kong with 14,000 to 17,000 isolation units。Where,Building materials Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024such as isolation and therapy warehouses will be exited from Huangpu Port。

It is understood,Huangpu Port is the only waterway port for the exit of the building materials of the construction materials of the square cabin hospital,About 20,000 building materials such as isolated therapy warehouses and other building materials from here,Transportation tasks are expected to last until mid -March。

Best football odds for Euro 2024After receiving the inspection task,The Zhongshan Border Inspection Station of Zhuhai Border Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballInspection Station immediately launched a special service service mechanism,Complete the preliminary preparation at the fastest speed,After determining the outbound time of the ship,Open the "Green Channel" priority inspection,Realize the "zero waiting" of the border inspection process of the shipping business。The station will also provide convenient services such as "booking customs clearance" and "delay Best football odds for Euro 2024customs clearance",Make every effort to ensure smooth customs clearance。