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Oct 19, 2022 11:32:32 AM Source: China Building Materials Information General Network

"One -generation material,One Generation Equipment ",The new material industry is a key area for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change。"Accelerate the Implementation of Innovation Driven Development Strategy" for the 20th report,The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Secretary 2024 European Cup official betting websiteof the Europe sports betting appParty Committee of China Building Materials Group、Chairman Zhou Yuxian said in an exclusive interview with China News Service during the 20th period of the 20th period of the 20th period,China Building Materials Create "Great Materials of the Country",Breakthrough industrialized bottleneck,Special cement independently innovated mass production、Advanced composite materials、Glass New Material、High -performance ceramics and other new materials and other new materials support the large hydropower stations、Manned Aerospace、China Space Station、Mars Exploration、The construction of the "big country" such as the lunar exploration project。

Zhou Yuxian said,Future,China Building Materials will continue to increase investment in scientific research innovation,Actively promote the research and development of new materials、Application and global layout。

Reform reorganization ignition the innovation engine

2016,China Construction Materials Group Co., Ltd. and China Sino -Materials Group Corporation merged and reorganized,China Building Materials Group is officially Where to Bet on Euro 2024 2024 European Cup official betting websiteFootballestablished。Zhou Yuxian said,For 6 years,China Building Materials Group has achieved complementary advantages and superposition effects,Operating performance jumps on the top of the global building materials enterprise。

2016 to 2021,China Building Materials Group's total assets increased from 564.5 billion yuan to 652.2 billion yuan,Business revenue increased from 261.2 billion yuan to 415.5 billion yuan、Net profit increased from 5 billion yuan to 28.7 billion yuan,The above three indicators of the above 6 years have reached 3%of the annual compound annual growth rates, respectively、10%and 42%。

June this year,China Building Materials Group is officially approved to switch to state -owned capital investment company。Before that,In terms of industrial group transformation of state -owned capital investment companies,China Building Materials has been piloted for 3 years。Zhou Yuxian introduced,Pilot pilot,China Building Material,Successful transformation into basic building materials、New materials、Engineering and technical services "Three -legged Story",Europe sports betting appWhere,New material 2024 European Cup official betting websiteindustry profits accounted for more than 50%(in the first half of 2022) material industry investment companies,Provides a lively sample for the reform of state -owned capital investment companies。

For 10 years,China Building Materials Group has developed into the world's largest basic building materials manufacturer、The world's leading new material developer and comprehensive service provider。Cement、Business Mixed、Gypsum board、Glass Fiber、Wind power blades、7 business scale, including cement and glass engineering, ranks first in the world。30 microns flexible foldable glass、The thinnest 0.12 mm ultra -thin electronic glass in the world、T800 and T1000 high -performance carbon fiber、High -strength glass fiber gauze、Super high -pressure pillar porcelain insulation、Special coatings and other new materials for new materials to realize industrialized mass production,It provides an indispensable basic guarantee for the development of China's strategic emerging industry。

How to win the new material industry track?

The new material industry is strategic、2024 European Cup official betting websiteBasic Industry,It is also a key area 2024 European Cup official betting websitefor high -tech competition。Since 2012,The compound annual growth rate of the total output value of the new material industry in China exceeds 20%,The proportion of industry in the raw material industry is 15%。

But the challenge is still not small。Zhou Yu first frankly,China's new material industry is still self -developed from low -end products to self -sufficiency to mid -high -end products、The transition phase of import substitution,The second echelon of the new material industry in the world,and the United States、There is a certain gap in Japan, etc.。Overall,China's material field is still mainly based on traditional materials,New material industry key technologies are relatively insufficient,High -end new materials domestic supply limited、The shortcomings of the people are still prominent。

Zhou Yu Xian disclosed,China Building Materials leads the establishment of the largest new material industry fund in China,Accelerate the construction of an industrial Internet platform、Smart supply chain platform、Big Data Center,Successful launch of the "Cement+" mode Europe sports betting appand "I Find a Car" smart logistics platform Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024and other innovative modes。In the next few years,China Building Materials will uphold the mission of "creating a beautiful world",Efforts to promote the high -end of the new material industry、mass production、Globalization,Strategic security of ensuring the national material industry chain。

First, vigorously carry out the development of new materials。Surrounding national strategic security、Global Technology Frontier and other layouts,Carry out the construction of the source of the original technical place of inorganic non -metal materials,Gathering basic research and development、Applied R & D。

Second is to vigorously promote the application of new materials。Give full play to the influence of the industry,Establish and improve product standards、Application specification,Improve the level of large -scale manufacturing through technological innovation,Improve market -oriented operation capabilities through mechanism reforms。

Third, actively promote the global layout of new materials。Consolidate the existing industrial Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024advantages of the Group,steadily advance Europe sports betting appglass fiber、Gypsum board、Overseas layout construction of wind power blades。