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Oct 19, 2022 11:40:22 AM Source: China Building Materials Information General Network

Energy is the cornerstone of economic development,In the past ten years,my country's energy autonomous Europe sports betting appguarantee ability has been significantly improved,built the world's largest clean -up power generation system,Energy structure is continuously optimized,strongly guaranteed the stable operation of the national economy。

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Ma Cuihua now lives in a residential area in Mentougou, Beijing,Ten years ago,She still lives in the bungalow in the nearby village,Use honeycomb coal to cook for cooking。2015,She moved into the building of the relocated resettlement,Pipe gas and centralized heating。

Natural gas used by Ma Cuihua's family,from Yulin, Shaanxi。The heating season is going to the heating season immediately,Heating enterprises are preparing to prepare,Ensure that the stability of the gas source and the security of the pipeline。

China Petroleum and Natural Gas Sales Beijing Branch Tanzi Temple Station Master Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024Liu Weiliang: Qi source from Changqing Oilfield,Driven at the door through the third line of Shaanxi and Beijing,Natural Gas passes through the regulation from the door station,Transportation pressure is adjusted to about 1.2 MPa and infused with downstream users。Our gas supply design ability is 2.77 million cubic meters per day,The highest amount last day was 1.47 million cubic meters。

On the other end of the pipeline, Shaanxi Yulin,my country's largest oil field -Changqing oil field is stepping up production。Since this year,Changqing Oilfield on the basis of last year's highest daily gas supply,Natural gas output of 10 million cubic meters per day。This largest natural gas production base in China,The annual production volume accounts for about a quarter of the country。

Vice General Manager of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Wang Zhenjia: Changqing Oilfield Best football odds for Euro 2024organizes the largest natural gas production capacity construction in history,New production capacity exceeds 11 billion cubic meters,Pulling Changqing Oilfield in 2022 The natural gas output climbing with a new record of 50 billion cubic meters of history。

In ten years,my country's oil and gas exploration and development situation is generally good。Shunbei oil and gas fields in Tarim Basin,Oil and gas exploration and development has recently achieved major breakthroughs,At present, 400 million tons of oil and gas areas have been implemented,The average vertical depth of more than 8000 meters has reached 17 ports。

Chief Expert in the field of exploration of Sinopec Group: Lai Xin: After discovering in Shunbei,We use this mode,Explore in the central upbelle of the central part of the central Tarim Basin,In Sichuan Basin、The Ordos Basin also found Best football odds for Euro 2024the same type of oil and gas collection。

Data display,Starting from 2019,Domestic crude oil production has continued to increase production to 199 million tons for three consecutive years,Natural gas output maintains a large amount of annual increase of more than 10 billion cubic meters,Fast production to 207.6 billion cubic meters。

In ten years,my country's energy structure continues to be steadily optimized。September 2019,Xinjiang Junior East Sending South Anhui Southern Anhui Anhui ± 1100 kV volt high -voltage transmission project officially launched,This super transmission project with the highest voltage level in the world,Power sources of Xinjiang Clean Energy bases are continuously transported to East China。

Lu Gang, Director of the Institute of Energy Strategy and Planning of the State Grid Energy Research Institute: since 2012,National Grid Europe sports betting appCumulative cross -regional cross -province transportation clean energy power 3.7 trillion kWh hours,accounting for 42.5%of the total electricity transportation of cross -regional cross -provinces,strongly promoted western China、Large -scale development and large -scale optimization configuration of clean energy in the north。

As of now,my country has built 34 DC high -voltage lines,The scale of electricity delivery is more than twice that more than ten years ago。2012 to the present,my country's wind power cumulative grid -connected installation machine has increased by more than 4 times、Solar installation has increased by nearly 90 times,The proportion of new energy in power installation has also increased by nearly 4 times to 26.7%。my country has established a diverse clean energy supply system,Comprehensive energy production capacity Best football odds for Euro 2024is significantly enhanced。