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| Introduction to Enterprise

Inner Mongolia Lake New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is the only professional research wall insulation in the northwest、Companies of energy -saving and decorative application materials,Member unit of the China Green Construction Promotion Association、Paste the rock wool plate Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024outside the exterior wall、National Standards for Plaster Mortar Drafction Units。The company takes Jiangxi Moon Rabbit Group as the company's research and development base,and Zhejiang University Baotou Industrial Technology Research Institute、China Building Materials Research Institute and other units long -term cooperation,Products strictly implement the construction industry standard of the People's Republic of China (JG/T287-2013),Obtained national environmental protection certification、Quality System Certification,It also obtained the "National Building Energy -saving Product Recommendation" certificate of the National New Building Materials Technology Promotion Center、"Recommended by the National Green Building Materials Products" Certificate。The Company is in the Ministry of Housing and Construction of the State、China Building Materials Institute、National Building Materials Science and Best football odds for Euro 2024Technology Commission、Under the guidance and care guidance of the strong expert technology group of the China Architectural Design Institute and the National Building Materials Technology Research Institute,The new type of insulation energy -saving brick and stone series developed by the developed products developed by the China Institute of Architectural Materials、National Material Inspection Center、The testing of the inspection and certification center of China Architecture Materials has reached and superior to the national standard。Professional production of insulation energy -saving brick and stone materials was awarded the 2017 Green Building Award (GBA Award)、All -in -one Waterproof Card pick -up entries won the "Practical New Patent" of the National Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (Certificate No. 7178943、Patent Number ZL2017 2 1236989.1)。

The main product produced by the company is the exterior wall insulation Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballand energy -saving decoration all board,Inner wall decoration environmental protection integrated board and supporting bonding mortar、Composite glue, etc.。The raw materials of the product are strictly environmental protection、No pollution、Fire prevention、Waterproof material,Products are beautiful and practical、Energy -saving and environmental protection、Waterproof house、The convenient features of installation of construction。It can be suitable for hotels、office building、mid -to -high -end residential districts and construction engineering indoor and outdoor decoration,It can save the construction unit that saves a lot of construction costs,greatly shorten the construction time,Industrial policy that conforms to the development of energy conservation and prefabricated buildings in the national building。

The company is guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Best football odds for Euro 2024Firmly establish innovation、Coordination、Green、Development、Share development concept,The power to improve the quality of the building and improve the building function,centered on saving resources and pollution control,Made in information technology and functions as support,Focus on supply -side structural reforms,Leading with pilot demonstration,Adapt to local conditions: "City Limited、County Town Forbidden Reality、New rural push ",Develop new green wall material,Enhance the green development of the wall material industry、Cycle Development、Low -carbon development level,Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry into a guidance idea。The company focuses on talent technical training,Many professional and technical personnel have been sent to the national exterior wall for a long time、Mortar、Coating、Waterproof four new materials promotion and assembly building Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballsupporting materials development strategic learning class learning class,And many times invited to participate in the editor of the expert unit and modify the industry standard work。

The company is located on the side of Jinshan Grand Road, Jinshan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia,Easy to transport large -scale vehicle transport materials、Products are also convenient for product transfer work in surrounding areas,With four raw materials R & D and production bases,Have a few first -class supporting production streamlines,Teams of more than 200 people in professional production and construction personnel are guaranteed,Now the annual output value has reached 100 million yuan,Is Hohhot Building Material Star Enterprise、The company's strength is stronger。With millions of square meters of installation experience,At the same time, all relevant units are welcome to visit and guide、Select the company's product。

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