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| Introduction to Enterprise

Langshe New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009。I have always focused on the research and development and manufacturing of diatom mud for many years,Dedicated to provide fresh air for those who Best football odds for Euro 2024pursue high -quality life,Elegant high -quality products and services,Create a healthy and environmentally friendly and cultural lifestyle。  

Lanshou always adheres to "innovation、Service "Enterprise Development Concept,Now "High -tech Enterprise"、"Jilin Province Famous Brand Product"、"Provincial Enterprise Technology Center"、"Jilin Provincial Service Famous Brand"、"Jilin Province Science and Technology Giant Enterprise"、"First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in China Building Materials Industry" six major authoritative honors。

So far, Lanshou has a relatively complete product system,Now has a classic series、Pinghu Series、Royal Supreme Series、Venice Impression Series、Midong Stone Series、Yipin series、Daoxiang series、ingenious series、diatom cloth series、Best football odds for Euro 2024diatom brick series、Mud series、Sandstone series、Shaqi Rock Series,A total of thirteen series,Thousands of flower varieties。In terms of product function,Lanshou on the basis of fully developing diatomic soil adsorption performance,It also developed a patented decomposition material "Lanthe No. 1" (patent number: ZL201110208043.5),Make diatom mud can not only absorb formaldehyde,And has the ability to decompose formaldehyde for a long time。2018,The core decomposition technology of Lanshou won the "First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in China Building Materials Industry"。

Lanshou insists on investing in R & D of not less than 5%of sales revenue each year,Have inorganic non -metal materials、Biological、Chemistry、Fine Arts and other majors of more than 70 R & D and technical testing teams composed of more than 70 people composed of arts and masters;Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Football,Have the U.S. Agullen GCMS gas phase color spectrum combined instrument、BET than the surface area tester、AAS atomic absorption of lighting meter、Low Book of Multi -Class γ energy spectrometer、Wet and Wet Laser Laser particle size distribution instrument、Professional experimental instruments and facilities such as the engineering constant temperature and humidity test box; and Jilin University、China University of Mining and Technology、China Building Materials General President Live Cooperation。Lanshou Cashi has obtained more than 50 national patents,Published 8 academic papers,Copyright 54 items。

Lanshou Industrial Park covers an area of ​​70,000 square meters,The diatom mud production line is by Ericsso smart hybrid machine in Germany、Swiss ABB Smart Robot、German Harvo Packaging Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024Machine、Estate of Siemens PLC Central Control System in Germany,Realize fully automated production,Save 80%artificially。"Lanshou No. 1" production line is independently developed by Lanshou,Have completely independent intellectual property rights。Lanshou diatom brick production line is 176 meters long,Represents the manufacturing level of diatom series products。

Current,Lanshou has more than 1,300 dealers nationwide、More than 2,000 standard stores,More than 10,000 trained wall artists,and established a specialty store、Building materials chain、E -commerce、Engineering and other omni -channel sales channel systems。Engineering channels,As of the present,Lanshou has been with Huawei、Universal、Evergrande and other well -known companies cooperate,and for Kunming International Europe sports betting appAirport、Dunhuang International Hotel、Changchun FAW Technology Center and other high -end business brigades、Office、Provide a healthy life of the living environment。

Lanshou,"Lan's elegance,The mind of the house "is the core values,"Improve the living environment,Cultivate corporate talents "as a corporate mission,Focus and persistence of high -quality wall materials for many years,Master a step towards the grand goal of "the first brand of the home building materials industry" strides。

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