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| Introduction to Enterprise

Jilin Province Green Forest Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,It is a family dedicated to the research of new environmental decoration materials、Production、Sales、Construction、Large -scale comprehensive enterprises serving one in one,is the drafting unit of "Diatom Mud Industry Standards" in China。The company is determined to become 2024 European Cup official betting websitethe leader of the world's diatom mud industry! Green Forest diatom mud is in the entire industry,Large enterprises with a complete ecological chain。The company is in the diatom soil mining area -Changbai Mountain,Have minerals、Mineral storage and hidden diatom soil mining areas; in Jiutai area,Have an independent operation of 40,000 square meters of production and processing base。Our company is one of the main shareholders of Yuantong Group, which has been proven to 75%of the diatom soil reserve mine。All raw materials are guaranteed,Let every consumer experience the green environmental protection life brought by high -quality diatom mud。


Together with Huaqiang, "Bear" is a healthy voice

August 2014,Our company and Huaqiang Fangte (Shenzhen) Animation Co., Ltd. reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation,Get the brand authorization of the domestic animation brand "Xiong Que" series。Therefore, enjoy the classic anime image at home and abroad "Xiong Da、Xiong II、Bald head strong "is the green forest diatom Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024mud endorsement,March 2017,Green Forest diatom mud and digital animation companies Shenzhen Huaqiang Company launched in -depth cooperation,Once again a huge sum of money to buy the "Bear Bear Park" cartoon character as the endorsement,Q cute version of the bear、Xiong II、The image of bald head will also be devoted to the big family of green forest diatom mud。Green Forest diatom mud will join hands with Q cute version of Bear、Xiong II、Bald head strong,Send a healthy and environmentally friendly green home environment for each family,Also a good dream for every child。

Set in CCTV, sailing for environmental protection

2017 Green Forest strongly settled in CCTV two sets,"One Mo Ding Sound"、"Go Home Eating"、"Fortune to Fortune" three -stage program through the year continuously conduct brand exhibitions,Never through mainstream media,TV stations from various places、Broadcasting and other publicity methods put advertisements on a large scale。Green Forest diatom mud landing CCTV platform,It will definitely Best football odds for Euro 2024speed up the promotion of corporate brands,Steady Promoting the brand image of green forest diatom mud in consumers,Starting in the direction of the leader of the diatom mud industry。

CCTV's two set of main columns "Consumption Proposity" is a deep -rooted heart、Objective and fair consumer column,Always loved and praised by consumers。Green Forest has been invited to participate in the "Consumption Proposal" column for many represented industries,Health、The concept of environmental protection implants consumers' hearts,Let people have a new understanding of diatom mud。

Technology leaders, change life with quality

Green Forest adhering to the corporate philosophy of serving customers wholeheartedly,Always committed to new products of diatom mud、Promoting and breakthroughs in the field of new technology research and development。The purity method of the green forest diatom soil is advanced water washing and purifying method,Compared with traditional burning purification and purification, it has more advantages,Europe sports betting appand green forest diatom mud adds nano -titanium dioxide in the production process,Make the formaldehyde purification efficiency of the green forest diatom mud reaching a qualitative leap,2017,Green Forest also owns "a method of preparation method of a protein soil load nano TiO2 composite powder material" technology,It is the technical patent of the green forest diatom mud,Consumers bring a complete and high -quality diatom mud product。

The R & D team of our company's research and development team on the research and development and improvement of diatom mud technology,Only enabled the diatom mud to enter the home of ordinary people in China,Make our home life more healthy,Green,Environmental protection。

Service innovation, love every family

2015 Green Forest diatom mud takes the lead in the industry to implement the "Green Forest diatom mud national unified after -sales service green card", "green forest diatom mud national unified construction process", "green forest diatom mud national unified craft standards" "green Forest diatom mud national Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballafter -sales service platform "" our construction standards,Construction process is open and transparent,In 2016, more than 1,500 specialty stores nationwide unified upgrade service systems,It also launched the national joint insurance service,Free maintenance for life within one square meter; "On -site maintenance within 48 hours" enjoy professional and warm after -sales service,It is the goal we have been pursuing。

Green Forest has developed from the first agent to more than 700 agents today,From the first store to more than 1,500 stores now,Green Forest has developed from young buds to today's towering trees,Have a professional design team、Smooth construction team,Independent Product R & D Center、Comprehensive logistics support system,Regional support、Training lecturer、Activity Commissioners and other market service personnel are nearly 100 people,Green Forest diatom mud practitioners have reached more than 10,000 people,In the future green forest, you will be in your reputation,Carry Europe sports betting appout environmental protection cause to the end; green forest diatom mud,originated from Changbai Mountain。

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