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Shandong Sensen Mining New Materials Co., Ltd. as a high -tech enterprise,It is a new material of the activated volcanic ash purification、R & D of various application products of volcanic ash new materials、Enterprises that integrate production and sales。Located in Linyi City, Shandong Province,Established in February 2010,Registered capital 20 million,A successful listing at the Qilu Equity Trading Center on April 26, 2018,Equity name: Sensen material,Stock code: 302879。The R & D and commercial application of volcanic ash new materials is currently in its infancy,Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballThe company is the pioneer and explorer of the domestic volcanic ash new material industry,The company is the new generation of healthy wall materials ---- the founder of oxygen Senyuan volcanic mud,Drafmers of "China Volcanic Mud Industry Standards。

The company currently has a monomer -available active volcanic ash mineral resource survey reserves of more than 60 million tons,Design annual mining volume is 500,000 tons,Single -active volcanic ash mineral resource reserves are at the forefront of single -active volcanic gray mine that has been proven to reserve in China。Active volcanic ash as a pure natural mineral Europe sports betting appmaterial,High strength、Insulation、Referred insulation、Strong suction attachment、sound absorption、Waterproof、Fire prevention、Pinerine resistance、Discovering、Corrosion resistance、Mold resistance、Can release negative oxygen ions and far infrared,Adsorption of formaldehyde such as toxic gases and inhibit bacterial growth,Non -toxic、Ome、No pollution、No radioactivity,Is the ideal pure natural green、New materials for environmental protection and energy -saving,Widely used in petrochemical industry、Oil、Medicine、Healthcare、Architecture、2024 European Cup official betting websiteDailyization、Textile、Coating、Metallurgical、Electronic、Home and Environmental Protection and other fields。As a desiccant,Food additives,Fill,Purifying new materials,Use new materials for building,is silicone,activated carbon (bamboo charcoal),Calcium carbonate,Upgrade of diatom soil replacement materials,There is extremely broad market space,In the future, it will definitely set off an epoch -making change。The active volcanic gray materials used in the new type of environmentally friendly wall materials of our company are taken from our own minerals,All production equipment Europe sports betting appuses imported equipment,The operators have undergone rigorous professional training,powerful guarantee of the quality of the product。

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