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Longyan Dayuan Building Material Co., Ltd. was established on September 06, 2011,Registration is located in Building Europe sports betting appD, Caoxi Street Decoration Material City, Caoxi Street, Silla City, Longyan City, Fujian Province 302,The legal representative is Jiang Fengzhao。The business scope includes the wholesale of building materials; manufacturing of light quality building materials; manufacturing of other building materials; wholesale of bathroom utensils; retail of sanitary ware; 2024 European Cup official betting websiteother mechanical equipment and electronic products wholesale; other electronic products retail。(Projects that must be approved by law,Only after approval by relevant departments can be carried out)

Product publicity 1、Public announcement date 2023 April 26,。

Publicity content; Longyan Dayuan Building Materials Co., Ltd.'s Light Wallboard Products is evaluated as qualified。

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