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Shaoxing Mei Le Semi -Wall Cloth Co., Ltd. is located in the largest China Textile City in Asia,Adjacent to the Hangzhou -Ningbo Highway and Hangzhou International Airport,Convenient traffic,Geographical location is unique。Company equipment configuration advanced,Technical strength is strong,Comprehensive quality of employees,It is a specialty for research Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024and development of seamless wall cloth、Production、Comprehensive growth enterprises for sales and construction,The annual production capacity is nearly 3 million square meters。

To ensure the company's product quality,Strictly control the quality of quality,The company has always adhered to the use of imported raw materials and related authoritative scientific research institutions to jointly develop innovative technology,Make its brand "Slim Wall Cloth" content and accommodation、Patterns conceived、Style elegant and vulgar reward、Quality Zhuoer is not group。

Tianyi seamless wall cloth with environmental protection、free gum、Seamless features,With the most three -dimensional flower type,colorful fashion,Integrate Chinese and Western culture,Let consumers experience extraordinary visual impact; wall cloth production strictly refer to national quality and environmental requirements,Mainly high -quality polyester、Design and production of polyester cotton and Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024cotton and linen,Weaving weaving craftsmanship、Imported embroidery and bistanic process deep processing、Edit -grade film on the surface of the fabric surface and the back of the back,Have waterproof、Anti -mildew、anti -pollution -proof、oil -proof、breathable、Easy cleaning and flame retardant functions。High -density fabrics make it have stronger tear resistance and tensile strength,It is not easy to damage,Scratch resistance,Rubbing scrubbing。The superb dyeing process allows the wall cloth to have the perfect color,Make it difficult to fade。Especially the recently launched embroidery craft wall cloth pushed out the new on the basis of inheriting the traditional embroidery technology,Give people a high product、High -grade、New vision feel,It is loved by the middle class and the upper society,thus enhanced their life taste。Seamless embroidery wall cloth of Tianyi uses high -grade fiber -colored woven fabrics as substrate,Based on the embroidery technology of traditional Chinese Best football odds for Euro 2024needle -piercing leads,So as to achieve a strong embroidery pattern with a strong sculpture,Bring a strong visual impact,Makes high -end home decoration materials more widely。

Carefully designed by the designer at the same time,Decorative paintings that meet the needs of various background walls,Strict selection of imported environmental protection materials,Imported weaving machine、Imported ink with creative personality and imported digital printing machine printing in the world,colorful color,The image is naturally realistic,High strength,Bring a new indoor home decoration concept for consumers。

Tianyi seamless wall cloth style is rich in style,colorful,The mechanism is clear,Tenderness of the texture,Seamless paste,S three -dimensional sensation,Walls and wear -resistant,Prevent edge and bubble,Whether in the new house、Hotel、Club、Office、Mall、KTV、Bar or entertainment venue,It is the best wall decoration material for elected,to create environmental Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024protection for you,Warm and fashionable home entertainment living environment,Tiaoyi seamless wall cloth products are favored by the majority of users,Sales network is all over the country。

With the company's excellent product,Rich production process experience,Coupled with the professional ride of the professional responsibility of production technicians,Make our company establishes a good reputation in many customer systems。With the increasingly fierce competition in the seamless wall cloth market,The company strives to fight for,Never give up,constantly try to seek the best business philosophy。In a short period of development, with Internet giant Alibaba、Home World and "Wallpaper World" established strategic partnership。Winning the top ten wall cloth in China、China's seamless wall cloth leadership brand、Green Environmental Wall Cloth、Honorary titles such as the preferred products of consumers,and was elected vice chairman of the Seamless Wall Cloth Professional Committee Europe sports betting appof the China Home Institute of Furniture。Honor is not easy to come,The efforts of all employees of the company and the strong support of the vast number of high -quality customers are inseparable from the support,Expand trade exchanges,The company is more willing to cooperate with customers who are optimistic about the prospects of the wall industry,Welcome to visitors at home and abroad to come to guide,Discuss joint venture cooperation projects,Expand trade exchanges,mutual benefit,Create a good achievement。

Shaoxing Mei Le Semi -Wall Cloth Co., Ltd. with its strong technical force、Innovative business philosophy and rigorous management system,It is developing rapidly,Classic tricks are countless,Each trick records the growing footprint of the seamless wall cloth of Tianyi。We are constantly innovating、Breakthrough,Creating the era of seamless wall cloth art,Continuous innovation products and crafts,Meeting people advocating environmental protection、Pursuing elegant 2024 European Cup official betting websitelife needs,Constantly lead the new fashion of interior decoration。 Extraordinary Quality Achieves Extraordinary Food -Refers to the seamless wall cloth of Tianyi!

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