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Tangshan Fu'an Board Industry Co., Ltd. belongs to Tangshan Win -Win Industry Group Co., Ltd.,Tangshan Win -Wins Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a large cargo transportation、Large construction machinery construction、Ware and distribution、Logistics、The circulation Best football odds for Euro 2024of steel trade production and trade、Trade circulation of coal mineral products、Steel pipe production、Casting blank production、Engineering buildings are pillar industries,Concentrated Energy Development、Comprehensive Industry Group of Real Estate Development and Steel Industry Investment。Fu'an board industry is a professional research and development of the group、Modern enterprises that produce and sell Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024green environmental protection boards,Dedicated to continue to develop and promote green、New building materials for environmental protection。The company was established in March 2012,Located in Tangshan Coastal Industrial Zone,is production、R & D Center,Covering an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters,Total investment 300 million yuan。Fu'an board industry equipment has a new generation of calcium -free calcium Best football odds for Euro 2024silicate board production equipment and advanced technology,Have an important calcium silicate board production line in northern China。

Publicity date  :  May 26, 022

Publicity Results: Tangshan Fu'an Board Industry Co., Ltd.'s calcium -free calcium silicate board is evaluated as qualified。

Fiber Enhancement Calcium Silicate Board

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