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Jilin Province Alilang Shell Environmental Coating Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development、Production、Sales、Ecological coating professional manufacturer that integrates services。Company Union Middle、Mei、Many biological experts in Korea,Research and development of the new generation of environmentally friendly coatings,Special topics of "comprehensively protecting children's health and creating a healthy home environment"Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Football,It has successfully developed and produced a number of new natural environmentally friendly buildings inner wall decorative materials,Get national patented product: dry powder shell powder coating -Alilang shell powder coating series brand products and liquid shell powder ecological environmental coatings。Products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification。Ali Lang Shell Powder Powder Painted Powder Passenger Strict Syndrome Europe sports betting appand Production,With adsorption and decomposition formaldehyde、Function of harmful gases such as toluene,Can effectively antibacterial bacteriostatic,Mediation indoor air humidity,is the best natural environmental decorative material for indoor walls,reaches 100%green zero pollution,It is a real green ecological coating。

The company rely on the core business district of the capital to establish a market headquarters,The World Fortune Enterprise in the business district,Cultural and entrepreneurial Best football odds for Euro 2024atmosphere。Set this place as the company headquarters,Establishing a market、Operation、Investment、Finance and other departments,Reflect that the powerful power and high -end taste of the enterprise。Establish a production base in Changchun City, Jilin Province, coating,Core resource advantage to create the inner wall coating market。

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