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Zhejiang Europe sports betting appJinshi Yan Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established in 2009,It is the "Wallpaper Wall Club Branch-Executive Director Unit"。The company focuses on the design of high -Best football odds for Euro 2024precision seamless wall cloth、R & D、Production and sales,Two major products with biithever and embroidery。After 7 years of development,The Koroya brand is not only synonymous with high precision seamless wall cloth in China,Become a Sina Home、CCTV、strategic cooperation brand of well -known media such as today's headlines,By ranked among the top ten wall brands in China。

Ke Luoya has long adhered to original design and ingenuity,Established long -term strategic cooperative relationship with many European and American flower design studios,and study through concentration,Revolutionary creation "French -style flower cutting technology" and "American old crafts",Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024This is to get the reputation of the king of flower craftsmanship。In 2016, Ke Luoya launched a more fine "Shadow Three -layer Relief Process",Promote the lifting process to a new height,In the same year, the company launched embroidery wall cloth,Novel flower type、Rich color color、​​Mutable needle method with high precision embroidery base cloth,Visual personality and characteristics,and the three -dimensional sensation double,Once it was launched, it caused a sensation。

In 2017, the Europe sports betting appcompany officially launched the Cocoaya Store Plan, Just a few months,There are more than 100 cocoa stores nationwide,Successful creation of industry myth。

Follow the artistic overall and details,At the same time, pay attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality,Ke Luoya realized "the dream from houses to home"。 Ke Luoya,Incorporate wall cloth into art,Incorporate art into life。

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