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Zhejiang Lianxiang Smart Home Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhejiang Lianxiang Home Decoration Co., Ltd.) was established in 2004,It is one of the representative companies of the Chinese wall cloth industry,Main seamless embroidery wall 2024 European Cup official betting websitecloth and littering wall cloth,Company wall cloth brand collar embroidery embroidery wall cloth has become a well -known brand in the wall cloth industry; entered the overall home industry in 2016,Full -funded subsidiary Zhejiang Lingxiu Home Decoration Co., Ltd. officially opened in March 2017。The company now has more than 100 national patents,Among them, 4 items of valid invention patents、11 practical new patents; currently more than 800 specialty stores have formed a complete sales service network in China. The company is committed to the development of the wall cloth industry,Playing a pivotal role for industry development。Promoting home integration、Provide consumers with overall home decoration solution、Providing a family preparation service is the company's new strategy; becoming a world -renowned enterprise、Creating a world -class well -known Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballbrand is the goal of the company! Company product introduction: embroidery wall cloth: China's first seamless embroidery wall cloth,R & D experience with more than ten years of embroidery technology painting,Inheritance Su Embroidery Handicraft,Integrate international avant -garde design concept,Embroidery exquisite、luxury taste,Strong ornamental、High art value。Blossom wall cloth: Based on the superb traditional jet skills,Keep high precision textile technology as a guarantee,Give full play to the concept of texture in modern design,Products elegant and simple,Suitable for more than a larger area to beautify。Pressure wall cloth: perfectly combine the superior physical performance of the seamless wall cloth with the surface treatment process of the wallpaper,Seamless advantages of existing seamless wall cloth,Inherited the color changes in the surface 2024 European Cup official betting websiteof the wallpaper surface technology, multi -end and rich texture,Publicization。Seeds 230 Wall Cloth: Use high temperature sublimation transfer technology,Expenses the design screen on the base cloth,Products colorful,Rich color,High color solidity。Company Development Startment: early 2011,The company successfully developed and produced the world's first seamless embroidery wall cloth (collar embroidery embroidered wall cloth),Then transform into the seamless wall cloth industry。The company is also a typical enterprise inherited and promoted embroidery culture,"Inheritance and promoting embroidery culture" is the company's mission。October 2013,The company is renamed Zhejiang Lianxiang Embroidery Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Haiyan Lianxiang Embroidery Crafts Co., Ltd.)。December of the same year,The founder of the company、Chairman and general manager Mr. Best football odds for Euro 2024Bu Xiaohua was selected as chairman of the China Seamless Wall Club Industry Association and re-elected as four sessions (2014-2017); 2015,The company is identified as a technology -based enterprise in Zhejiang Province、Zhejiang High -tech Enterprise、Zhejiang Innovative Demonstration Enterprise。early 2016,The company begins to implement the overall home strategy and becomes a new leading company in the overall home industry。November 2016,CCTV discovered journey channel shot reflects the company's craftsman's documentary "Shi Yahua Kai" on CCTV discovered journey channel; the incident is also rated as the top ten news in the year。December 2016,The company is renamed Zhejiang Lianxiang Home Decoration Co., Ltd.。February 2017,Bu Xiaohua is rated as the leading leader of the wallpaper wall cloth industry。May 2017,The company signed an image endorsement with Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024the film and television star Liu Tao。June 2017,Bu Xiaohua on behalf of the company and the famous CCTV host Dong Qian "Dialogue Chinese Brand" April 2018,The company was selected as the executive chairman of the executive chairman of the Chinese Interior Decoration Materials Association Wallpaper Wall Cloth Professional Committee。October 2018,The company's 2017 social responsibility report was selected as four stars,The first in Jiaxing City。November 2018,The company is renamed Zhejiang Lianxiang Smart Home Co., Ltd.。January 2019,Bu Xiaohua, as the first wall cloth brand, historically shortlisted for the first time in the 18th year of the Chinese home furnishing industry leader "Big Goose Award"。

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