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Tianjin Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd.,Established on 2020-09-14,Registered capital is 5 million yuan,The legal representative is Sun Xuan,Business status is duration,Industrial and commercial registration number 120110000527058,The registered address is Donglong Bin Technology Best football odds for Euro 2024Industrial Park, No. 4 Bridge of Qiaolong Bridge, Nanglong Road, Xinli Street, Dongli District, Tianjin 1#A6,Business scope includes general projects: technical service、Technology Development、Technical consultation、Technical Exchange、Technical transfer、技术推广;新材料技术推广服务;化工产品销售(不含许可类化工产品);专用化学产品销售(Best football odds for Euro 2024不含危险化学品);机械设备研发;机械设备销售;建筑材料销售;新型建筑Material manufacturing (excluding dangerous chemicals); dedicated equipment manufacturing (excluding professional equipment manufacturing); building decoration、Metal products for water heating pipelines and other buildings; sales of building decorative materials; construction of garden greening projects。(Except for the project that must be approved in accordance with the 2024 European Cup official betting websitelaw,Autonomous business activities based on business licenses)。License items: import and export of goods。(Projects that must be approved by law,Only after approval by relevant departments can carry out business activities,The specific business items are subject to the approved documents of relevant departments.

Publicity Date: April 18, 2022

Publicity Results: Tianjin Zhihimoto Technology Co., Ltd.'s calcium -free calcium silicate board is evaluated as qualified。

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