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| Introduction to Enterprise

Beijing Lixuan Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tongzhou District, Beijing,Shanghai、Hangzhou、Zhengzhou has a contact office,an innovative enterprise focusing on the installation and post -anchoring technology solutions of ceiling engineering systems for many years。

 The Xugong brand (xugong) series developed by the company、Long TT (Long TT)、Zhenli King (Z -liwang) series of buildings anchor embolism,With the Xugong (xugong) series、Long TT (Long TT)、Zhenli (Z -liwang) trademark right。Among Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballthem, metal fish scales exploded series、Self -cut mechanical anchor bolt、Expanded integrated mechanical anchor embolism、Mechanical expansion bottom anchor bolt、Double nail ceiling shooting components, etc.,Have a number of national patents。

 The company's products are: Xu Gong brand single -tube ceiling fastener、Double -tube ceiling fastener、Ceiling pad component series、Alloy steel blade self -cut -cut holes and mechanical anchor bolt、Gold Steel Stone Self -cut Pole Expansion Anchor Bolt、Heavy multi -blade cutting bottom anchor bolt、After the bottom expansion mechanical 2024 European Cup official betting websiteanchor embolism、Expanded integrated mechanical anchor embolism、metal fish scales pulls into the series、metal fish scales connective pull explosion type、Customized chemical anchor embolism (inverted cone anchor embolism)、Internal explosion (swelling) type、Car repair gecko type、Hammer Tiger Type、metal bloating type、Advanced three tablets、Four Film Combination Gecko Series、Umbrella -type bloating (iron aircraft) series、Vanitary Gecko Series、National standard chemical anchor embolism series、Epoxy/Fast -solid Plant Glossy Series、Stainless Steel Back Plug -in、Aluminum 2024 European Cup official betting websitependant、Piece gecko、Electric Gecko、Insulation Nail Series、Gao Qiangtong silk boom、Gao Qiang Self -attack Wire、Huashi series, etc.。Widely used for engineering ceiling、Steel structure reinforcement、dry hanging stone、Curtain wall keel installation、Mechanical equipment、Elevator、Steel Wood Stairs、Hanging air duct、Various load -bearing brackets、Light steel keel ceiling、Cable bridge、Highway and various pipeline hanging anchors。

Xu Gong in the Forge,Is your best choice。Hope the unremitting quality pursuit of the workers,Add your support,Let us go hand in hand,mutual benefit,Create glory!

Evaluation Number: WT2021C03C00795

Publicity Date: August 25, 2021

Publicity Results: Beijing Lixuan Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.'s rear expansion mechanical anchor embolism is evaluated as qualified。

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