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| Introduction

Jilin Province Haraye Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.,It is a mining of diatom soil、smelting; diatom mud research and development、Production、Sales、Large -scale comprehensive enterprises integrating construction and services,Headquarters is established in Changchun City, Jilin Province。Relying on the world's famous original ecological oxygen bar and tourist destinations Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024-Changbai Mountain,Create its own mine,Fetting in China Rich resources、High -quality diatomite ore veins。

The original leaves have always been based on creating green healthy home,To cope with changing market demand,The original leaves are dominated by the company's leadership,Constantly improving the formula of diatom mud,Make the product function continuously strengthened。Today's original leaf diatom mud,Disadvantages that can not decompose harmful substances if you have successfully got rid of sunlight,Really 2024 European Cup official betting websitereleased negative oxygen ions,Stronger adsorption ability,Remove indoor pollution effect better。

The original leaves have been committed to the development of new environmental protection wall materials for many years,Qualifications excellent,Strong market competitiveness,Its main brand -raw leaf diatom mud,It has an unparalleled advantage in the environmental decoration material market in recent years,has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental Europe sports betting appmanagement system certification。A full set of foreign powder production flow lines introduced by the original leaves,greatly improved production standards,Various testing indicators of the product,Farly better than the "Standards for the Wall Material Industry Standards", which was implemented on September 1, 2013,Really achieved the quality of achievement with technical achievements,Casting brand with quality。Now,The original leaves have become many high -end villas、Community、School、Decoration wall Best football odds for Euro 2024materials of enterprises and institutions。

Original leaf diatom mud

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