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| Introduction to Enterprise

    Zhongze New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is registered and established on January 21, 2020,Registered capital RMB 100 million,It is a high -tech enterprise with intelligent coatings as its core business, Company based on the Chinese market,Fusion German cutting -edge technology,Create a collection of health、Environmental protection、Festival energy、Antibacterial、Flame retardant、Weight -resistant intelligent coating brands。Business Scope Covering new material technology development、Technical consultation、Technical exchange、Technical transfer、Technical Push Wide service; environmental protection equipment、Hot reflex coatings、Water -based coating、Mortar additive、Organic Development of Silicon Resin Composite Materials、Manufacturing、Processing、Sales; self -employed or agent various merchants import and export business of products and technology.

    Thermalife is located in Salzkotten City, northern Weizhou, Germany,Born in 2006, It is a high -tech enterprise focusing on material research and development. In architecture chemistry、Plant Nutrition、Electrochemistry、Plating Industry、cellulose and wood Vegetarian and other research areas,Thermalife has a first -class research team in Germany。Chief The scientific research team led by Mr. Brandt, a scientist,After 12 years of concentration research and development,Xiang The global market has launched a new type of smart coating products with the leading level of internationally.。In the reflection environment, infrared and ultraviolet rays are combined with space humidity tube Lord,Dynamic impact on the moisture content of the deep structure of the building,True to do To effectively control thermal radiation process,Its excellent thermal insulation、moisture -proof、Antibacterial、 Reduce indoor micro particles drift、Remove、Anti -static and other functions,In significant Reduce building energy consumption while increasing the comfort of the room environment.

Evaluation Number: WT2021A03K000026

Publicity Date: August 20, 2021

Publicity Results: Nakazawa New Material Technology Co., Ltd.'s gas gel insulation coating (paste) system is evaluated as qualified。

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