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Yoma (Jiangsu) Zhidong frame technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, a national historical and cultural city and a landscape tourist city,It is a technical leader in the domestic building assembly industry。Company Lord To be comprehensive、Earthquake Speed ​​Hanging Rangers、Cast iron penetration box、Earthquake Gun、Urban Underground Pipe Gallery Equipment、Rail transportation equipment R & D、Production、Sales and technical services。Among them, the seismic branch suspension is forced to implement the country Products,This product is safe and efficient、Energy -saving、Environmental protection、Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballBeautiful,Widely used in public Building、Rail Transit、Auto manufacturing、petrochemical industry、Medical and Health and other fields。 The company's technical strength is strong,Advanced production equipment,The service team is superb,The management mechanism is over Good。Based on "Quality First、User first "business philosophy,Youma Electromechanical will be for you Provide Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballsafe and efficient seismic and support system solutions.

C -galvanized appearance inspection

C -type slot steel three -sided anti -bending load

C -type steel slot steel lock

Seismic stent test report

Seismic base

Seismic stent test report

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