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| Introduction to Enterprise

Shijiazhuang Wangxing Mining Cotton Board Co., Ltd.,Located at No. 160 Huai Zhou Road, Huaishu Economic Development Zone, Jinzhou City,Construction Factory in 1998。Currently owns 120 employees。Covering the total area of ​​27500m。Enterprises to continuously improve their management level,In the building decoration industry, he took the lead in adopting advanced enterprises for review。Established a complete management system,Product quality steadily improves,Economic benefits steadily increased。 19 years of Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballtaxation 500,000,Company employees enjoy work injury,Pension and other social security。

Enterprise environmental protection has reached the DB13/ 5161-2020 2020 boiler air pollutant emissions standard,Enterprises attach importance to technological innovation,moisture -proof、Antibacterial and mold、Fire prevention and other products meet the needs of consumers with strong quality。 

 Since 2000,The company is led by the leadership team,Product structure continuously improves,The rapid growth of economic benefits。Economic maintenance at high speed Where to Bet on Euro 2024 Footballfor 12 consecutive years,Leaping development。 Our company not only has a technical breakthrough,At the same time is still in the construction of spiritual civilization、 The improvement of employee quality and many aspects of corporate culture construction have changed greatly,Double harvest of material civilization and spiritual civilization,Striving for outstanding contributions to the country's economic construction。

Main Products:     

The mineral decorative sound absorption board produced by our company,Mainly used in a closed office、Conference room、Open office environment、Where to Bet on Euro 2024 FootballIndustrial plant、Medical Environment、Public space, etc.。Have high reflection、High sound insulation、High Earthquake Assist、Fire prevention、moisture -proof and other features,Is an ideal decorative material。

Main honor:

The "Wang Xing" brand ore cotton decorative sound absorption board produced by the company,Through GB/T19001: 2000idt ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification,EU CE Safety Certification。Obtained in 2001: "Advanced Enterprise of the National Building Decoration Industry Quality and Effective Enterprise,Enter the ranks, Best football odds for Euro 2024In December 2020, it became a member unit of the "Product Quality Special Committee of the China Building Materials Industry Economic Research Association"。



Mine cotton sound absorption board

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