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Henan Weizhuo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 10 million,It is a family dedicated to fire engineering construction、Fire facility maintenance management、finished branch hanging rack、Design of the Seismic Speed ​​Hanging Hanging Hanging Hanging Hanging Hanging Hanging Hanging Relief and Roof 2024 European Cup official betting websiteRainbow Drainage System、Production、Sales、Installation、Electromechanical engineering enterprises that serve the one -time body。The company adheres to "Integrity、Realty、Mutual Win -win "business principles,Taking the comprehensive and systematic construction of mechanical and electrical engineering safety system as its responsibility,Constantly pioneering and innovation,Make customers get the most complete guarantee while choosing us。Victoria Technology Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024has extensive social resources in the construction industry,Collaboration with relevant domestic scientific research units and design units,All have passed relevant technical certification at home and abroad,It has been with a number of real estate companies across the country (Vanke、Poly、China Resources、Zhengshang、Zhenghong、Greenland、Jinyi、Hechang, etc.) Cooperation,Possessing rich project experience in the field of Chinese construction mechanical and electrical engineering。

Publicity date  :  May 26, 2021

Public results  :  Comprehensive seismic (finished product) bracket system of Henan Weizhuo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.。

Comprehensive Seismic Anti -(finished product) bracket system

U -shaped tube clip

Seismic hinge components

type steel base

Seismic connection base component

C -type slot steel component

Pipe gallery bracket support arm

Shuangpin C -shaped steel

C -type slot steel

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