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Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024Yantai Shengbaoli Wallpaper Co., Ltd. was established in 2013,After two years of rapid development, it has become the largest environmentally friendly wallpaper production company in Asia。It has 300 directly -operated stores,600 franchisees,2000 dealers, The company is trying to build a brand in China and even the world -class wallpaper brand。Green、Environmental protection、The innovative design of Shengbaoli Wallpaper,It will change people’s lifestyle,Affects people’s decorative concepts。 Let every family use the most environmentally friendly and most fashionable wallpaper,It is the struggle Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024goal of all employees of Sheng Poili。

Shandong Shengbaoli Wallpaper Co., Ltd. relied on the product advantages and sufficient funds in Yantai area、Equipment、Technology、Labor and huge market potential, Vigorously build Sheng Poly Environmental Materials Research Center and 80 million square meters of non -woven wallpaper and annual output of 70 million square meters of implanted wallpaper production base。

This project covers a total area of ​​430 acres,The total construction area is 150,000 square meters,The park area is divided into three phases construction,The first phase of the construction project of Europe sports betting appSheng Poli Wall New Material Research Center has been put into operation,Located in the Industrial Park of the East New District of Yantai。 200 acres of land in the second phase of development,Used to build the office building of Sheng Baoli Co., Ltd.,Employee dormitory and annual output of 80 million square meters,Total construction area is 80,000 square meters。 The third phase of the project is the fundraising project after the listing of Sheng Baoli Co., Ltd. ---- an annual output of 70 million square meters of velvet wallpaper production base,After the construction of the general project is completed, it will become the largest environmentally friendly Europe sports betting appwallpaper industrial park in Asia。

The company follows the concept of "people -oriented" brings together a number of senior technical personnel and business management talents,Production for the company、R & D and customer service provides strong technical support, At the same time, the company adheres to the sincere and efficient team spirit,A target for improving product quality and stability,To maximize the needs of customer needs as the highest pursuit。

The company learns to employees、Product research and development、After -sales service、Product propaganda and other aspects all proposed the corresponding Best Betting Odds for Euro 2024slogan,Let the employees of Sheng Poili adapt to the rapid growth of the company; let Sheng Poili's products deeply rooted in people's hearts,Household names; let Sheng Poili's brand get rid of the country,Towards the World。

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